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Post Graduate Diploma - PGD


The PGD is an intensive one-year program designed to enhance skills and capabilities essential for responsible positions at senior management levels. Challenging, widespread and globally oriented, this objective of this program is to produce future leaders who can handle the dynamic corporate environment.

It is designed to equip students with the skills and capabilities that will enable them to reach responsible global positions in management. The PGD revolves around the principle that world-class business leaders are not mass-produced; they are nurtured and developed with personalized care and attention.

Course Objective:

    • The chief goal is to help students develop the broad-ranging skill set they need to take a comprehensive view of specific aspects of working of their organization.
    • Increase the business skills and leadership capabilities of managers.
    • Improve the capacity of strategic decision making, to think faster and more creatively.
    • Build capabilities for leading cross-border teams on specific functions.
    • Develop knowledge in core areas of business one is dealing with based on current research and practice.

    Course Contents:

    The student can opt for one of the following subjects to complete his/her PGD program.

    • Project Management

      1) Introduction to Project Management
      2) Project Planning & Scheduling
      3) Project Finance & Budgeting
      4) HR Management
      5) Inventory Management

    • Marketing Management

      1) Sales & Distribution Management 
      2) Advertising & Sales Promotion 
      3) Consumer Behavior 
      4) Market Research 
      5) Network & Channel Marketing

    • Financial Management

      1) Corporate Accounting 
      2) Taxation 
      3) Risk Management 
      4) Security Analysis & Portfolio Management 
      5) Financial Institutions & Banking

    • Human Resource Management

      1) Human Resource Development 
      2) Industrial Relations & Labor Laws 
      3) HR Planning & Audit 
      4) Training & Development 
      5) Performance & Potential Management

    • Logistics Management

      1) Principles of Logistics 
      2) Freight & Warehouse Management 
      3) Supply Chain Design & Planning 
      4) International Airport Transport 
      5) Packaging & Packing

    • Materials Management

      1) Introduction to Material Management 
      2) Purchase Management 
      3) Inventory Control Management 
      4) Supply Chain Management 
      5) Supplier Management

    • Retail Management

      1) Retail Marketing 
      2) Purchase & Store Management 
      3) Principles of Retail Management 
      4) Advertisement Management 
      5) Marketing Research

    • Insurance Management

      1) Principles of Insurance Management 
      2) IT & Insurance services 
      3) Insurance Laws & Regulations 
      4) Corporate Procedures & Practices 
      5) Risk Insurance

    • Export Management

      1) Global Business Environment 
      2) International Marketing Management & Research
      3) WTO & Foreign Trade Policy
      4) Trade Documentation & Logistics
      5) Export Management & Merchandising

    • Real Estate Management

      1) Market Valuation & Appraisal 
      2) Financing Real Estate Ownership 
      3) Investment Valuation 
      4) Land Acquisition 
      5) Real Estate Marketing

    • Production & Operations Management

      1) Process Improvement & Management 
      2) Production Planning & Control 
      3) Inventory Management 
      4) Logistics Engineering 
      5) Total Quality Management

    • ERP & CRM

      1) Enterprise Resource Planning 
      2) Customer Relationship Management 
      3) ERP Implementation Life Cycle 
      4) Customer retention Strategy 
      5) Future Trends in ERP & CRM

    • Brand Management

      1) Brand Evolution 
      2) New Product Development 
      3) Marketing Research 
      4) Business Policy & Strategy 
      5) Advertisement & Sales Promotion

    • International Financial Reporting Standards

      1) Financial Instruments 
      2) Investment Properties & Agriculture 
      3) Revenue 
      4) Accounting Principles & Cash Flow 
      5) Types of Financial Reporting

    Eligibility Criteria: Graduate

    Course Duration: 1 Year

    Fees :

    Registration fee: emba 1000/-
    Program fee: emba 11400/-
    Exam fee: emba 500/-

    Total: emba 12,900/-

    Pay Online

    We offer you to pay your fees online through Credit , Debit Card or Net Banking

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