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Human Association for  Needful Development  of Society

HANDS” is a non-profit organization registered under the societies’ Registration Act of 1860 (registration no.S/65413/2009). It was setup in 2006 by the likeminded people who aspired for a healthy and self reliant India. Since then the organization is raising resources to protect the rights of children and other vulnerable section of the society and provide relief to them through various interventions. The HANDS want to contribute in all the fields that pertain the overall socio-economic development of people from the under privileged section in general. However, Education, Health, Women & Child Welfare are its core focus area at the moment and are in conformation with the primary aims and objectives of the society being decided at the time of its inception.

VISION:  An equitable society empowered to and capable of taking India to a new height in terms of health, education, prosperity and overall development of mankind.

Aims & Objectives:

  • To strive hard and see that no child of the under privileged community be left illiterate.
  • To strive for overall health of the society particularly the financially weaker sections.
  • To strive for overall development of women and children particularly from the weaker section of society, poor, under privileged, SC/ST and OBC’s.


HANDS is contributing immensely  into the field of education by organizing various career counseling workshops for the students from weaker section in area like Mangolpuri, Sultanpuri, Kalyanpuri, Kondli ,Jhundpura, Harola(Noida),etc. As per the information assimilated in due course of our pursuit, it has been inferred that the school students coming from lower income group, in spite of aspiring for a high profile career remain oblivious of necessary information required for decision making to a work in a particular direction pertaining to their career. Student coming from lower income group, due to individual, familial and societal barriers find themselves constrained at this end. Exposure and awareness of the opportunity structure of the realistic attainment of one’s aspirations seems to be missing here. 

HANDS Endeavour

  • To organize counseling camps for students from under privileged section to acquaint them with the latest information regarding various career opportunities they can opt for.
  • To work with and support poor and bright students for higher studies through academic assistance and career counseling.
  • Sponsoring Education of under privileged students.
  • Distribution of Notebooks, School Dress, School Bags, Text books & other Stationary to Students.


The major focus area of HANDS is to create awareness about various communicable and non-communicable diseases and to guide people for its prevention. However, our society is concerned about the chronic ailments in particular, the reason being, not much attention is being to paid to diseases like hypertension, diabetes etc. However, as per the statistics, chronic diseases are emerging as a major cause of morbidity and mortality in a developing country like India. The most serious fallout of diseases like diabetes is End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) or kidney failure. Chronic kidney disease is a silent epidemic of the 21st century. Every year, over 1lakh people in India are diagnosed with ESRD, necessitating a kidney transplant or continual dialysis. However, renal disease remains largely an unrecognized, public health issue in India. Therefore prevention of chronic diseases is the best option and cost effective too.

HANDS Endeavour

  • To organize health check camps with an emphasis on management of health to ensure that chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension be kept under check.
  • To assist poor patient requiring dialysis, by providing them with the required dialysis kit.
  • To extend financial aid to the patients undergoing kidney transplant.

Women & Child Welfare

 HANDS is contributing towards the self employment and self dependence of women by organizing self help Group(SHG) where artisan skills or the skills related to small scale industries are being imparted into them and once they are trained, our society assist them in selling their product by organizing or participating in various craft  melas  Women empowerment, a dream in pursuit since the time our country got independence, can be attained only once the women become aware and financially self dependent. This is important as it enhances their level of confidence. They find themselves better placed in term of nurturing and upbringing of their children, a pre-requisite for successful implementation of any child welfare program.

HANDS Endeavour

  • To organize various Self Help Group (SHG) in different localities.
  • To train the girls and women in vocational studies and courses to develop their skill and make them financially independent.
  • To provide support to street Children.
  • To organize Recreational Activities [Cultural Events/Sports day/ Competitions/Magic Shows etc].
  • To spread awareness about neo natal care amongst women belonging to under privileged section.  

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